What to do to be happy?

What to do to stop this inner sadness?
The human being has a need, a desire to be happy. We all have an inner emptiness that nothing on this earth can fill it.
Nor money, neither marriage, nor drugs nor alcohol, nor friendships can bring true happiness.
What do you do?
The only one who can fill that void that we have in our hearts is the love of God.
Only God can calm our souls, our sadness, our anguish, our anxieties.
We need to read the Bible, seek God in prayer, attend a serious church that preaches the true Word of God.
In the Church we are a family, one helping the other, one caring about other people's problems, one by praying for each other.
The way is this.
God sent his son Jesus to die for us on that cross so that everyone who believes that He is the Son of God can be saved, can have peace, true joy.
Jesus is wonderful. It gives peace to our hearts. It gives meaning to our lives. He gives us the right to eternal life with God.
Think about it, look for a church, read the Bible, is delivered to the love of Jesus.
You will not find true peace elsewhere than with Jesus.
May God enlighten you on your way in your decisions and bless you!


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